Effects of Soft Laser Treatment

During the last 50 years, numerous clinical studies and research have been proved the beneficial effects of soft-laser treatments. The following list summarises the more widely studied and recognised biological processes. 

Pain killing

The Pain killing effect of the laser therapy is based on several biological processes:

  1. It blocks the transmission of the pain stimulus between the injured part of the body and the brain. This way it reduces sensitivity of the nerves and reduces the pain feeling.
  2. It decreases inflammation and swell in the injured part of the body. They play an important role not “only” in pain killing, but they also help healing.
  3. It increases the production and release of enkephalins and endorphins, that are nature painkilling chemicals in our organism, thus reduces the pain feeling.
Mozgásszervi betegségek decor 1.

Reducing of inflammation and swelling

The smaller arteries and lymph vessels expand due to the effect of the laser therapy. This enhanced vasodilation allows for leaving of the effusion causing swelling (oedema) from the injured areas. Dilation of the lymph vessel improves lymphatic circulation, thus promoting the essential healing process. This biological mechanism explains why the bruise heals extremely quickly due to the laser effect.

Faster healing

The laser therapy also stimulates the production of fibroblasts, being the elements of collagen production. Collagen is the essential protein inevitable to renewal of the old tissues and to healing of the injured tissues. Because of the collagen production improving effect of the laser therapy it is very efficient in treating open wounds and burns.

Fokozott szöveti regeneráció és sejt növekedés

A terápiás lézerek által kibocsájtott fotonok mélyen behatolnak a testünk szöveteibe és stimulálják az egyes sejtek energiatermelési központjait (mitokondrium). Ez a folyamat lehetővé teszi, hogy a sejtek gyorsabban tudják felvenni a tápanyagokat és kiüríteni a salakanyagokat. Ezért a sérült szövetek gyorsabban regenerálódnak, mely elősegíti az ín, ínszalag és az izmok gyógyulását.

Improved Blood circulation

Soft laser therapy greatly promotes formation of new capillaries (tiny blood vessels) in the injured tissues. More capillaries can deliver more blood to the injured areas and it accelerates healing and the regeneration processes, so the wounds connect faster, and scar formation is reduced.

Improved lymph circulation

Laser radiation exerts great influence on the individual blood cells, too. Laser light importantly increases the oxygen and nutrient delivery capacity of the red blood cells. This allows for increased energy production and metabolism of the cells thus their regeneration and the more efficient production of certain enzymes. Its effect can be felt in the whole organism and not only in the areas treated with laser light.

Improved Nerve Function

  1. The laser therapy after the injury accelerates regeneration of the nerve relations, thus the time needed for healing of the nerves is reduced.
  2. Moreover it increases strength of the signals furthered through the nerve fibres and so it generally improves operation of the nerves and the muscles. These two processes explain the efficiency of laser therapy in easing nerve damages (sharp pain, on pins and needles, tingling, burning).

Extreme scar tissue formation

Laser therapy reduces extreme scar tissue formation (fibrous connective tissue) because it improves blood supply of the injured area, it promotes efficient removal of the roughage, thus accelerates the healing process. Accelerated healing results in less scar tissue formation.

Immune system 

The photons of the laser light are directly absorbed by the chromophores (colour-carrying molecular enzymes in the cells) which are present in most of the cells of our organism. Absorption of the laser light activates certain enzyme processes, which initiate ATP production. ATP (adenosine-triphosphate) is the single and most important form of energy, operating every chemical reaction in all cells of the organism. As a result of increased energy production, the operation and regeneration are more efficient, and it is especially true to the immune system-specific cells. This improved efficiency helps the immune system in fighting the non-desirable microbes and pathogens.

US National Library of Medicine National Institute of Health: Biological Effects of Low Level Laser Therapy - Farivar S, Malekshahabi T, Shiari R. Biological Effects of Low Level Laser Therapy. J Lasers Med Sci 2014;5(2):58-62

How does LLLT work? - http://www.thorlaser.com/LLLT/how-does-LLLT-work.htm

Diseases which can be treated with Safe Laser

Musculoskeletal disorders

Pain relief, joint-, muscle-,  endoninflammations, rheumatic pains, arthosis

Injuries - Sport injuries

Muscle strain, contusion,  hematoma, bone fracture, muscle and ligament injuries

Skin problems

Eczema, skin inflammations, herpes simplex, herpes, bruises, cuts, burn and freeze injuries

Ear Complaints

Inflammation, pain, itchiness, tinnitus

Cosmetics problems

Pimples, inflammations

Safe Laserrel kezelhető betegségek

Allergy, asthma, hey fever, respiratory inflammations

Relieves and eliminates symptoms

Nostril Lights Treatments

It eliminates the adversity of red blood cells, improves blood circulation, improves the blood supply to our organs, and significantly reduces the chance of infarction.

Dental problems

Toothache, inflammation, atrophy and bleeding of the gums, oral mucosal injuriese


Heals ulcerated wounds


  • Do NOT treat painful areas of unknown origin because the laser can decrease pain and may obscure „grave” diseases temporarily!
  • The  Safe Laser devices can be used for investigated disorders, diseases diagnosed by a doctor.
  • You can only use Safe Laser if you are over 18. Under 18: only with an adult’s supervision!
  • Do not apply the laser light in the nostrils of toddlers and young children because of the relatively strong light which can irritate the eyes!
  • Irradiating the lower abdomen or the nasal mucosa of pregnant women or the open fontanelles of babies is prohibited because of the (potentially dangerous) increase of hyperaemia!!!
  • The use of the laser device is prohibited for people suffering from severe blood cloing problem or a state of acute stroke!
  • Do not beam: the area of malignant tumours, the area of the thyroid and breasts, and the area of fungal skin surfaces.
  • Direct irradiation of coloured moles may be dangerous, because it qualifies as status prior to cancer.
  • Do not beam deliberately into the eyes or around the eyes!


Ízületek kezelése: Dr. Mester Ádám (PhD. Radiológus osztályvezető főorvos)

A lágylézer működése, biostimulációs hatása és története:
Dr. Mester Ádám (PhD. Radiológus osztályvezető főorvos)

Safe Laser ortopédiai felhasználása: Dr. Rodler Endre (Ortopédsebész főorvos - Semmelweis Egyetem)

Fül-, orrgégészeti felhasználás: Dr. Fülöp Györgyi (Fül-, orrgégész és audiológus szakorvos)

SafeLaser Professional Reviews

Customer experiences...

1. Musculoskeletal disorders

Degenerative Small Joint Arthritis

Degeneratív kisízületi gyulladás

“I am 50 years old. I played the piano in my childhood for 8 years. I had to stop it because articular deformation developed in my fingers.

Both of my hands became inappropriate for fine motions (e.g. grasping, scrolling of a newspaper, picking of a needle) and I had permanent pain with the motion.

After more than 30 years I did not trust in healing when one of my friends offered me the Safe Laser device. I treated the small arthritis of my hands with laser.

After the first treatments pains different from the “ordinary” ones occurred, and at the 5th treatment it stopped. (treatment reaction.)

After 1 month of treatment pain has almost fully gone, my joints became loose and they can move more easily. During my training I could put my palm down, at my great surprise, and I did not have to push my fists. It could not have been achieved with many physiotherapy treatments, my hand remained rigid and pain has always come back.

I can offer use of the device for each fellow of mine, it will be a salvation in for them!”

Annamária P. K.
entrepreneur (repair of medical instruments)

Healing of Carpalis Tunner Syndrome with Safe Laser 500 infra

Carpalis alagút syndroma gyógyítása Safe Laser 500 Infrával

Severe carpalis syndrome developed in my hands 3 months ago. Unfortunately, menopause causes this unpleasant and painful disease in case of many women. Now I can see that this syndrome is a common disease. Many young people suffer from it because of using the internet.

The symptom is that the fingers begin numbing, then this condition becomes constant and later it becomes painful. I awoke at night several times and felt that my hand died. The end of the fingers became insensible, sometimes I could not hold the pen and did not feel the finer things e.g. a napkin, at all. This is caused by thickening of the joints in the carpalis tunnel, and therefore the nerves are pressed. I was given physiotherapy, when the muscles were stimulated with small electric shock. It became even worse. Then I read about it but unfortunately nobody could offer better solution than surgery. However, it would mean 2 weeks of complete uselessness and 4 weeks of recovery.

Then I began to treat my wrist with Safe Laser 500. After four treatments (5-5 minutes) both my hands improved, and I do not have any pain!!! I can sleep through the nights since the treatments. Now, only the end of my finger is numbing Of course, I know that a couple of treatments are still needed, but this is a wonderful result. I hope I can miss the operation because one month without using my right hand cannot be imagined.

Thank you!”

Kati Telkes

Kati Telkes
Customer feedback

Wound healing with laser

Sebgyógyítás lézerrel

“The thumb-circular saw fight finished with the victory of the circular saw :(.
I cut round my finger to the bone, the surgeon sewed it round to save it.

I began to light it through the binding twice a day with Safe Laser 150.
My pain was efficiently reduced by the laser and after a month such improvement was experienced!!
The surgeon did not believe in his eyes 🙂
(Unfortunately I could take only a blurry photo at the surgery.:-)) “

Zsolt Csányi - pressman
Customer feedback

Arthritis, Osteoarthritis and Vertabra wear

Ízületi gyulladás, porc és csigolyakopás

Dear Mr. Tamás Rózsa,

I bought a Safe Laser 500 device from you a few days ago. I should like to divide my experience of the device with you.
I have unbearable pain because of different arthritis, osteoarthritis and vertebra wear. The diagnosis is lumbago, sciatica and lumbar spine.

Recently, before the series of spine surgeries, hip replacement was envisaged, Of course I would not like it.

Fortunately I found at the internet Safe Laser 500 distributed by you and I bought it.
At my greatest surprise permanent great pains have stopped after the first two treatments as well as the calf spasms at nights. After the third-fourth treatment I could work a whole day without pain (that was impossible for 4 years). Until the treatment I was not able to lift my leg up to the threshold and to put on my slippers without clinging, and now I can do it and I can lift my knee to my waist.

I would not believe it if it did not happen to me. I know this is not an asymptomatic healing, much more treatments are needed, but it is a great result that my pains passed, and I can work all day without pain. I did not believe that such results could be achieved after a few treatments.
Thank you very much to return my vitality and belief in healing. I no longer trusted in it.
I wish you good health and much success in your work.

Best regards,
Mrs. Erlich Éva Szórádi

Mrs. Erlich Éva Szórádi

Musculoskeletal rehabilitation after stroke

Mozgásszervi rehabilitáció stroke után

“My patient arrived at the Emergency Department with stroke in 2013.

CT confirmed bleeding in the left ventricle. The patient was stabilized at the department of neurology, but his limbs on the right side have importantly weakened and he could not move his arm.

One year of rehabilitation caused relative improvement of his right leg, but he still could not use his arm.

His treatment with the Safe Laser 500 Infra was begun on 5th Jan. 2015 along the nerves. The first results emerged in the middle of February, the patient could lift his hand out of his shoulders and his fingers began to move a bit.

His treatment suddenly accelerated by 3rd month. He could lift his hand over his head, he can grasp thicker object again and he can twist the cap of the bottle with his previously paralytic hand.

Using the Safe Laser (also for other diseases) we achieved more success during 5 months in our physiotherapy office than in course of our 28 years of work.

Tünde H. A.

Heal bone inflammation

Jné Z. Györgyi

“I am over 66 years. I was suffering from March, I was unable to walk because of a heal bone inflammation, that stubbornly insisted despite the therapies offered by the health care (scanning laser treatment, physiotherapy, wraps and anti-inflammation creams) and it paralyzed my moving lifestyle.

As the rheumatologist predicted that the next step would be injection treatment at the orthopedy, steroids, and finally an operation with doubtful outcome; I was afraid of it very much.

11 days before I got a safe Laser 500 Infra device, I treated the 3 most painful points of my heel twice a day and my heel became fully painless by this morning. I can stand in any position, or walk even on the bumpy garden soil, and I do not feel any pain when lifting my grandchild. Not an excuse, as an effect of some treatments with the device the inflammation ceased, and nothing was left of the pain.

I am grateful for the inventors, because I got back my normal movement in a short period of time.”

Mrs. J. György Z.
Customer feedback

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Dear Safe Laser Medical,

I am 64 and suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis for a long time especially during winter period. Physiotherapy did not work much for me. My movements became limited, it was hard to take a shower or to get dressed and to leave an everyday life.

In April 2017 I had the chance to start using Safe Laser 500 Infra. I have been using it for my heels, knees, shoulders, elbows and my left and right wrists for 1-1 minute.

I am over 90 treatments now and although I know my RA is irreversible, I am comfortable to go for longer walks as it became easier, get dressed, take a shower or live my everyday life.

My other positive experience is my immune system which became stronger, it is December and I am still enjoying the weather without catching a cold or flu.

Thank you, Safe Laser

Éva Paksi - pensioner
Customer feedback

2. Injuries - Sport injuries

Rehabilitation of sport injuries

Kiss Gergely

“During my 30 years carrier I have been fighting difference smaller and larger injuries since my adolescence, coming from overloading, or influences of the trainings or matches. Many excellent doctors treated me during the years and I have tried several methods.

As the effect of the laser treatment tried last time, namely Safe Laser 500 Infra, it seems that my shoulders have undergone very efficient healing. I have no complaints, I play in the 1st class in Honvéd at my age of 38. I am very happy. I performed a strong two-month treatment and the pains in my shoulders with the different movements, shooting and swimming movements in the conditioning rooms and several times even at night, have passed.
I can train and play without complaints, it is very important in this age, but I think it would have been important also in my earlier years.”

Dr. Gergely Kiss
Olympic champion, water polo player

Healing of Bone Rupture with Safe Laser

Csonttörés gyógyítása Safe Laser-rel

“My shoulder bone broke to pieces due to a fall on 23rd June, but luckily it remained in place and did not move away. It was X-rayed at the traumatology, then followed fastening bond ….etc.
Right on the day of my fall I began to treat my shoulders and arm with Safe Laser 500 Infra.
At the control examination one week later, I got a removable bond to my own responsibility. With continuous laser treatment I began to carefully use my injured left arm after 3 weeks.

Thanks to the laser treatment I can use my arm perfectly since 10th August, even without physiotherapy, or to tell the truth I cannot swim, but I can do my household work and I can care for my 2-year-old grandchild as well as my garden works, including hoeing, completely and without pain.

I cannot even count how many times the laser device helped me. It healed my heal bone inflammation with unbearable pain, the osteoarthritis in my knee and last time my bone fracture. Being 67 years old I am not enforced to sit, but I can live my mobile lifestyle of my young ages without any pain.

Thank you once more!
I wish you the best and send my friendly regards to your Family.”

Györgyi J.Z
Customer feedback

Muscle rupture, sports injuries

Izom szakadás, sportsérülések

Last summer we organized with our friends an open-air family picnic with many programs requiring much motion. When it was my turn, I started without warming-up, and after a few steps I fall lightning-like, because a back muscle in my thigh was torn.

I had a similar sports injury at my age of 20, it remained a very bad memory, because my healing lasted for more than 6 months. I was in doubt, because near to 70 what can I expect from my healing. My leg was shortly bruised at my knee, it swelled, and I could hardly walk. Then one of my friends offered the Safe Laser 150 device, because according to the clinical experience it well accelerates healing in case of this type of injuries.

I accepted his proposal with scepticism, but I did not feel any risk of trying it. As per his proposal I used the device for 3-5 minutes twice a day at the place of the injury and the bruise.

It is almost incredible, but after a week the bruise has gone, my pains reduced to the minimum and by the end of the third week my leg completely recovered. My surgeon, who prognosed several months of healing, considered this 3-week healing as a wonder.”

András M
pensioner municipal representative

3. Skin diseases

Healing of Carpalis Tunnel Syndrome with Safe Laser infra

Sebgyógyítás Safe Laser 500 Infra készülékkel

“Extensive, non-healing ulcer developed on the leg of a 60 years old man due to circulation disorder.
His leg was treated with Safe Laser 500 Infra once a day with 5 minutes of treatment time at each point, scanning the whole wounded area.

After 5 months of treatment the ulcer healed.”

Customer feedback

Skin tissue dying, ulcer because of the side effect of medicines

Gyógyszer mellékhatás következtében kialakult bőrszövet elhalás, fekélyek

“My wife has lack of protein C on genetic basis, causing coagulation disorders.

At the age of 18 she had deep vein thrombosis because of taking contraceptive pills. She has to continuously take Syncumar since then, with the side effect of tissue dying on the long term.

She had a thrombosis again when delivering our baby (in 1985) and then pulmonary embolism occurred despite the fact that during her pregnancy and after she continuously got heparin injections.

In 2009 rashes developed all over her body, but mainly on her legs because of uncovered reasons, but probably due to medicine allergy.

Leg susceptible to oedema, often insufficient peripheral circulation, capillary bruising.

More extensive ulcers have been developing since 2010 around the ankle and they did not heal despite of treatments.

Medication causing tissue dying and other skin problems could not be stopped because of the genetic disorder.

Then came Safe Laser 150.

As an effect of the everyday laser treatment wounds have improved after a few weeks and every open ulcer on the leg stopped after a year and they never came back!

Laser improved life quality of my wife very much!”

Antal K.
Animal Husbandry Engineer.

Skin problems in infancy

Csecsemő ill. kisgyermekkori bőrproblémák

(Diaper rash and sweet gland inflammation…)

“Frightfully ugly, purulent rashes developed on the face and bum of our 20 months old baby Dani in summer. Our GP prescribed a steroid ointment, but after speaking with our pharmacist I did not want to use it on such a large surface of the baby.

Luckily, we have already known Safe Laser device, we used it for several problems in the family. I thought that before using the ointment I try the laser device, because I knew it is especially proposed for inflammatory skin problems.

We used Safe Laser 150 twice a day for 3-4 minutes on the surface and after 2 days spectacular improvement was experienced. We continued the treatment and during a week rashes disappeared and the wounds were healed scarless.

I was very happy that I did not have to use the steroid ointment.”

(the photo was taken in the original and the half-healed condition.)

Mónika P.
a happy mother (teacher)

4. Ear problems

Healing of Hearing Loss with Safe Laser

Halláscsökkenés gyógyítása Safe Laser-rel

“20 years ago, my hearing began to deteriorate. Careful and regular medical examinations could not show any difference in my organs, so not efficient therapy could be offered.
My hearing deteriorated from year to year and finally a serious hearing loss developed. I could hear the TV only with large volume, and it disturbed my environment. At the last examination my hearing loss was attributed to my age.

This year I began to use Safe Laser 150. I led the laser light into my both ears with fibre optics for 5-5 minutes.
After a month I felt that I hear better and this improvement has continued in the next months with the continuous laser treatment.
After some months of laser treatment my hearing is 95 % again and I ask my environment to tune down the TV.

It is surprising for me as a health expert that such an improvement could be reached with some minutes of daily, painless laser treatment and in my home.
I am grateful to get back hearing of my adolescence.”

Karoly E. - Health expert
Customer feedback

Ear complaints

F. Mária - vásárlói levél

My ear was operated 15 years ago. Since then I have suffered from continuous otitis. I went to the doctor 2-3 times a month because of the unbearable pain.

I lighted both ear canals with Safe Laser 5-5 minutes every day. Since my laser treatments I do not have any complaint.

I regularly use the device since then.”

Mária F.

Ear problems – Acoustic Meatus Inflammation

“2 years ago, I got an acoustic meatus inflammation at bathing. I was given antibiotic treatment, ear sprays but they were inefficient. I had otorrhea and strong pains for a year.

All my complaints ceased after 6 weeks of treatment with Safe Laser 150 and I fully healed.”

Lajos Sz.
Freight Forwarder

Sara – chronically runny nose and chronic rhinitis

Sára - vásárlói levél

Due to Sarah’s genetic disease, her lungs are weak, she is constantly lying in bed and cannot get rid of mucus in her lungs. She’s been suffering for chronically runny nose and chronic rhinitis for a year, which couldn’t be treated with any therapy. They had to suction her nose 20 times a day.

We’ve been using Safe laser for 2 weeks now for 4 mins per day and she became asymptomatic.

She’s been asymptomatic for 12 months now.

Customer feedback

Sylvi Bódi – Tinnitus/Hearing loss

Bódi Szilvi - vásárlói levél

I treat my ears with Safe Laser twice a day. I start the day with it, then surfing, then lunch and surfing again. And then laser treatment before going to bed.
The whole treatment does not take more than 12 minutes.
My small magic device is good for many things, because laser light accelerates and starts the healing processes of the organism (biostimulation) It has pain killing, anti-inflammatory and swell reducing effect. It improves blood and lymph circulation and stimulates regeneration of the injured nerves. As a result very good results can be achieved in case of musculoskeletal disorders, dental problems, allergy, asthma, hay fever, respiratory inflammations, sports injuries, skin problems and what is most actual for me of ear problems, too.
By the way Safe Laser is a novelty in the world, coming from us Hungarians. 🏆🇭🇺👏🏼 I am especially proud of it! We can thank this invention to the wonderful man, excellent physician, the doctor of the Academy of Sciences of Hungary, Dr. Károly Rózsa.🙏🏼

Sylvi Bódi
Customer feedback

Sylvi Bódi – Hearing loss

Bódi Szilvi

I had to face much difficulties in the past weeks. I have permanent tinnitus for more than two weeks. The results of my hearing examination raise anxiety. I had a hearing loss in one of my ears.🙏🏼
Otitis media attacked the auditory nerves and caused injury there.👂🏼😞 So after the antibiotic treatment I had to take steroids, too…👂🏼😞 I tried several treatments and I take medicines and nutritional supplements promoting regeneration of the nerves.💊
I had some spiritual nadirs in this period, but I could come back positively. I consider this matter as a health challenge and I believe in healing. I have an excellent doctor (Dr Györgyi Fülöp) and outstanding experts help me in my therapy treatments
I believe that when the cicada playing music in my ear gets bored, then leaves and I will normally hear again with my right ear.
Now, I am sitting on a plane and fly to my loved ocean to Micronesia🌊🏄🏻♀ This wonderful laser device is my companion, whose healing power could be felt already after the first treatments. Partly because of this I can fly again! 🙏🏼 People look a bit strange when I use it in the plane, but I do not mind it. 🔦 I take it with me and I will treat my ear every day.
My soul will be happy that I can be in the environment again, where I am the happiest: on the back of the waves. 🌊🏄🏻‍♀️💙

Sylvi Bódi
Customer feedback

Pollen Allergy

Pollen allergia

“I am 29-year-old and work in a horticulture. I have pollen allergy since my childhood. Because I love my work and continuously deal with plants I had to take medicines against allergy (Rinocort nose spray, Allergodil eyedrops, Loretadin tablets). Unfortunately, my medicines were expensive and sometimes I was ill for several weeks.

Once when I got such a “cold” I got bored and I began using of Safe Laser, as proposed by my mother! My mother has been using this device for long and she told me much good about it. I was a bit incredulous, but it ceased, when after the first treatment I could sleep the whole night! As per the instructions I used the laser for both blowholes for 2×5 minutes every day with the small laser (Safe Laser 30). After a few days torturing cough and runny nose passed away. Since then I have been treating myself every day in summer and in autumn and continue maintaining treatment twice or three times a week in the other months and I am completely healthy. I have a better mode and my eyes are not itchy!

Thanks for the inventor of the laser!”

Margit Herbály - gardener
Customer feedback

Pollen allergy

Pollen allergia

I have been suffering from strong pollen allergy for 26 years, accompanied with asthma attacks, nasal congestion, ophthalmia and some other unpleasant symptoms.

These symptoms made my life unbearable mainly at the time of flowering of the ragweed.

First, I tried to get rid of nasal congestion with nose drops, then with nose spray in this period.

As a result, my smelling was totally ruined, because the above-mentioned chemicals corroded my olfactory. I already gave up of feeling the smell of anything at any time.

By using Safe Laser 150 the symptoms started to ease in the next allergy season, – nasal congestion occurred rarely, I did not have allergy attack – so it was really easier to survive this period.

I was really astonished when I started to regain my smelling.  One morning I woke up and felt fine fresh coffee smell! I did not expect it.

Since then I can smell finer scents too and I am grateful that a sense of mine works again!

Tibor V. - Financial consultant
Customer feedback

6. Dental and Oral diseases

Saving the teeth with Safe Laser

Fogmentés Safe Laser készülékkel

“Two weeks ago, my dentist decided – after looking at the X-ray – to extract my wisdom tooth. It really was very painful even when touching it, but I tried something.
I treated my tooth continuously for one week from different directions with Safe Laser 500 Infra. Sensitivity continuously and almost immediately reduced!
In the first days only for a few hours, but after seven days of treatment pain has completely gone and I can chew with it.
Sensitivity and inflammation have gone away. I think I don’t have to emphasize how important and fundamental life quality is and how much I could save.

Then my dentist borrowed the device for treating his knee joint problem and the waist disorders of his wife. And it helped them, too. 🙂

Thank you, thank you very much!”

Dr. Péter P. - Lawyer
Customer feedback

Pain killing with Safe Laser 500 infra

Fájdalom csillapítás safe laser 500 infrával

“Nothing is so convincing than the personal experience 🙁

After a smaller oral surgery intervention I was given the possibility to try how efficient our laser is in pain killing.
The doctor called my attention that I will have pain for 3-4 days, so I should always take pain killers with me.
After the operation I took one, then I tried what would happen if I only use the laser. I lighted the place of my wisdom tooth 3-4 times a day for 5-10 minutes (it is possible in acute case) from outside and I did not feel any pain for 1 week until suture removal.
It is good to experience that the device really knows what we say about it, but I don’t need more experience.”

Tamás Rózsa
Electric Engineer

Faster recovery after dental treatment

Fogászati beavatkozás után gyorsabb gyógyulás

“5 pcs of implants were implanted in my lower jaw in the middle of November. The operation was successful and as the operating doctor envisaged perfect building in the gum (ossification) of the implants by the end of February or beginning of March even with the regular dental laser treatment to be given at the clinics.

Instead of the laser treatment at the clinics I used Safe Laser 500 Infra in my home, twice or three times a day, externally, through the face skin.

The result is fantastic, rehabilitation time reduced to 1.5 month instead of the envisaged 3-3.5 months.

Construction of the teeth on the implants could begin at the beginning of January.

It was a great benefit that I did not have to go to the clinics and wait there several times a week, but I could perform the treatment in my home, conveniently and without travelling.

Thank you for using this fantastic device!”

Andrea W. - Health visitor
Customer feedback

7. ​Diabetes

8. ​Cosmetics care

Fényterápiás eszközök összehasonlítása:

Fényterápiás eszközök összehasonlítása

Hogyan válasszunk lézert?


Amikor saját vagy szerettünk egészségéről van szó, esetleg egy fájdalommal járó betegségben szenvedünk, minden reményszálba megkapaszkodunk, ami esély lehet a gyógyulásra. Ilyenkor az ember kiszolgáltatottabb, hajlandó akár erején felül is áldozni vagy olyan dolgokat megvenni, ami más helyzetben eszébe sem jutna.

A „kiszolgáltatott” fogyasztók védelmében az illetékes egészségügyi hatóságok és a fogyasztó védelem komoly szabályokat állított fel, melyeknek minden gyógyászati és orvostechnikai eszközgyártónak meg kell felelni.

Sajnos egyre több olyan cég jelenik meg, amely félrevezetéssel kihasználja ezt a „remény kereső” állapotot és minden szükséges engedély nélkül olyan eszközöket forgalmaz (sokszor irreális áron), mely alkalmas a vásárók megtévesztésére.

Miért veszélyes ilyen (főleg nyugdíjasoknak szervezett termékbemutatókon forgalmazott) eszközöket vásárolni?

  • Semmilyen minősítő cég nem vizsgálta a hatékonyságát a készüléknek.
  • Nem vizsgálták, hogy veszélyes-e az egészségre.
  • Komolytalan, sokszor hatástalan eszközöket árulnak magas áron.
  • Garanciális és szervíz háttér nélküli cégek árusítják, melyeket néhány hónap múlva már el sem lehet érni.

Hogyan tudok meggyőződni, hogy engedélyezett és hatékony eszközt vásárlok?

  • Minden orvostechnikai céget egy felhatalmazott minősítő cég (notified body) megvizsgál és egy CE jellel lát el (megfelelőségi jelölés), ahol a CE mellett a minősítő cég négyjegyű azonosító száma is szerepel. Pl. CE2409
  • Ha csak a CE jel szerepel a számok nélkül, akkor biztos, hogy nem egy minősített orvostechnikai eszközzel állunk szemben. Sok távolkeleti gyártó készülékén megtalálható a CE jel, de az nem azonos a megfelelőségi jelöléssel, hanem a „China Export” logója.
  • Kérje meg a forgalmazót, hogy mutassa meg a készülék EK tanúsítványát (CE tanúsítvány), melyen szerepelni kell a készülék nevének, típusszámának, a gyártó cég nevének és címének, a minősítést végző cég adatainak és elérhetőségének. Ezt a tanúsítványt a készülék használati útmutatójának is tartalmaznia kell, jól olvasható változatban.
  • Nézze meg, hogy a készüléken szerepel-e a gyártó neve és a használati útmutatóban megtalálható-e az elérhetősége (telefon, e-mail, weboldal).
  • A használati útmutatónak tartalmaznia kell, hogy milyen betegségek kezelésére engedélyezték a készüléket (indikációs körök). A minősítő cég megvizsgálta, hogy milyen betegségek gyógyítására hatékony az eszköz és ezek szerepelhetnek a használati útmutatóban.
  • Ne dőljön be az azonnali hatalmas árkedvezménynek! Sokszor irreális kedvezményt ajánlanak fel, ha azonnal kifizeti vagy leelőlegezi a készüléket. Ennek a célja, hogy ne legyen ideje végiggondolni a vásárlást és ne legyen lehetősége utánanézni a készülék hátterének.

Ha bizonytalan, hívja fel a gyártó céget! Nézze meg, hogy az adott készülék szerepel-e a gyártó választékában. Sajnos egyre többször visszaélnek a Safe Laser márkával, Dr. Rózsa Károly nevével és olyan készülékeket reklámoznak vele, melyet nem mi fejlesztettünk, engedélyeztettünk és gyártottunk.

Ráadásul ezeknek a készülékeknek a teljesítménye 1-10%-a csak az eredeti Safe Laser készülékeknek! Kizárólag minősített orvostechnikai eszközt vásároljon!

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