Safe Laser in Cosmetics


Safe Laser a kozmetikábanPain killing, anti-inflammatory and biostimulating effect of Safe Laser can be efficiently used in modern cosmetic treatments, too. The laser light, penetrating in the cells, induces and accelerates important physiologic processes, new cells and tissues develop.

  • It accelerates healing of the bruising occurring during cosmetic skin cleaning, it shortly eliminates skin redness and oedemas.
  • When radiating the acne skin, the inflammations and the old scabs the healing light softens the scar tissue and induces the process of regeneration. It reduces inflammation. It fades the unpleasant symptoms of cheloid and atrophy.
  • It stimulates the collagen synthesis, thus slows down ageing of the skin, refines the wrinkles and fades the pigment spots.
  • It fades the symptoms of rosacea and the vasodilation.
  • It improves blood circulation, it helps getting of the cosmetic agents into the dermis of the skin where they can be better absorbed.
  • Using after epilation it reduces skin redness and pain and makes sycosis avoidable.
  • It efficiently heals the unpleasant symptoms of herpes and shingles.
  • It can be excellently used for post-treatment of aesthetic operations.
  • It regulates and reduces the operation of the sebaceous.
  • It optimizes the operation of the sweat glands.

Safe Laser is the inevitable supplement of modern cosmetic face treatments.

The cosmetic head improves absorption of the creams. It can be used instead of ultrasound device.

However, it importantly reduces the power of laser, so don’t use it for wrinkle treatment.

For treating acnes the laser has to be in contact with the affected area. 

The Safe Laser Gel is a new special serum that has a unique skin-rejuvenating effect and skin regenerating effect if it is enlightened with Safe Laser.

* Safe Laser + Gel uses advanced anti-aging technology that not only delays but reverses the visible signs of skin aging. The combination of laser and gel increases the production of collagen and elastin in the skin, the skin becomes firmer, more elastic and smoother, giving the skin a lively appearance. Regular use not only reduces the appearance of wrinkles, but also improves the tone and texture of the skin. It remarkably reduces pigment spots (liver and old age spots…), improves the condition of rosacea skin. With the help it, acne and scars can heal faster.

*Examination of the Gel in an accredited laboratory and feedback from Safe Laser® users.

When the face is illuminated with Safe Laser, the laser light helps to absorb the gel and moisturizing cream into the skin and increases their effectiveness. In addition, the laser light excites the photosensitive molecules of our cells (cellular respiration + energy production is improved), cells function more efficiently and recover faster. Using Safe Laser significantly reduces inflammatory processes in the skin. In the case of more serious skin problems, skin lesions, new cells, new tissues and new capillaries are produced by the effect of “soft-laser light”.

The Gel and its active substances:

The Safe Laser Gel is a special anti-aging serum that does not replace the moisturizing cream! The components of the Gel are smaller molecules, so that the active ingredients can enter the deeper layers easier, but do not affect the upper epidermis (epithelium). For hydration + protection of the upper epithelium (approx. 1 mm) it is recommended to use a traditional moisturizing cream or face cream.

Important active substances and nutrients in the serum (Safe Laser Gel):

Beta Glucan (Yeast Polysaccharide): Activates the immune cells in the skin. Enhances the skin's defensive and regenerative ability, providing a sunscreen effect. Has antioxidant properties, contributes to softer skin. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory effect, it is excellent for reducing redness of the skin and soothing sensitive skin.

Stabilized Oxygen (O4): Effectively penetrates the skin layers, decomposing into tissues on two O2 molecules. It adds extra oxygen to the skin, increasing skin renewal. Effectively increases and maintains collagen production. Slows down the aging process. Keeps and improves skin moisture.

Hydraulic Collagen: Provides a source for collagen fibers. Improves skin elasticity.

Phantenol: Has a softening and moisturizing effect.

Dermatological studies in an accredited laboratory show that Safe Laser Gel reduces the length and depth of wrinkles, moisturizes and has no allergic effect. The studies also confirmed the bacterial and fungicidal effects of the product.

Suitable for all skin types! Clinically and dermatologically tested!

Does not contain mineral oils, silicones and parabens!

Effects of Safe Laser on our skin:

  • Helps skin to absorb skin care products, increase their effectiveness.
  • It stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the skin, improves the firmness and elasticity of the skin.
  • Slows down the visible signs of skin aging, refines existing wrinkles, and regenerates the skin.
  • Has a beneficial effect on acne, accelerates their drainage, heals wounds without any hurt.
  • Reduces the redness of sebaceous and acne skin after cosmetic cleansing.
  • Reduces edema and risk of skin infection.
  • Fade pigment spots.
  • Helps regenerate normal tissues in the event of injury and abrasion
  • Polarized laser light has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.
  • Laser light accelerates the healing of other skin conditions (lacerations, dermatitis, eczema). It alleviates itching and pain.

Using Safe Laser + Gel:

  • Use machine + Safe Lasers every morning and evening continuously or given as a course of 4 weeks for each season change.
  • After the usual facial cleansing and toning, apply Gel and then a moisturizing cream.
  • The Safe Laser Gel is a special anti-aging serum that does not replace the moisturizing cream!
  • Gel regenerates and hydrates in deeper layers, but does not affect the upper epidermis (epithelium).
  • Use a traditional moisturizing cream or face mask to hydrate + protect the upper epithelium.
  • After hydration, massage the gel with circular movements (not strongly, just touching) the gel + the usual moisturizer, and stop at critical points! (deeper wrinkles, pigment spots, acne…)

Critical Points Treatment Time:

• SL150 = 1 minute recommended (treatment of acne without cosmetic treatment head).

• SL500 = 10 sec recommended

During laser lighting, gently light your eyes around and make sure that you do not illuminate the laser eye directly into the open eye.

If you have not used any moisturizing cream or facial before, try it first for 1-2 weeks and if it worked (no problem or side effect on your skin), then start using the Safe Laser Gel + Safe Laser together!

Which laser is recommended with the Gel?

• SL150 + Cosmetic Head = 35 years old and under.

• SL500 Infra = age 35 and over or more serious skin defects.

Laser Cleaning:

Wipe the laser head with a wet handi-wipe or alcohol swabs. DO NOT use any other corrosive material as the optics may be damaged!