Dermatological diseases

Diseases which can be treated by local treatment 

  • In case of bruises, epithelial injuries or post-operative wounds it promotes normal tissue regeneration.
  • Starts the healing of slow-healing or other nonhealing wounds. (e.g. ulcers)
  • Accelerates the healing of eczema, skin inflammation, atopic dermatitis,
  • Herpes, shingles, bedsores, burn and frost injuries.
  • Extreme scar tissue formation: Laser therapy reduces extreme scar tissue formation (fibrous connective tissue) because it improves blood supply of the injured area, it promotes efficient removal of the roughage, thus accelerates the healing process. Accelerated healing results in less scar tissue formation.
  • Blood circulation, lymph circulation:
  • Soft laser therapy greatly promotes formation of new capillaries (tiny blood vessels) in the injured tissues. More capillaries can deliver more blood to the injured area and it accelerates healing and the regeneration processes, so the wounds connect faster, and scar formation is reduced. Laser radiation exerts great influence on the individual blood cells, too. Laser light importantly increases the oxygen and nutrient delivery capacity of the red blood cells. This allows for increased energy production and metabolism of the cells thus their regeneration and the more efficient production of certain enzymes. Its effect can be felt in the whole organism and not only in the areas treated with laser light.

Way of treatment (SL150)

Bőr problémákThe Safe Laser® 150 Infra instrument is to be placed on the sore or damaged area in contact with it and enlighten it for a given time, then put it farther on the next point (disposable protective cap can be ordered)
Several points in sequence can be treated depending of the size of sore, damaged surface. Generally the points sensible to pressing are to be treated..

If because of an open wound the laser can not be put on the skin surface, then it should be held to the nearest possible distance (max. 0,5 cm), but in this case the treatment time should be prolonged by one minute at each point to transfer adequate energy quantity into the organism necessary for the healing!

For sake of maximal safety to avoid the casual sighting of laser light the instrument is to be switched on after placing it on the skin surface. Having finished the treatment switch it off before removing from the skin surface!

Duration of treatments (in one spot!)

Safe Laser treatment protocol

Skin diseases table

Frequency of treatment

Frequency of treatment depends of the duration of existence of
the disease. (How long ago arose the problem?)

1. Acute diseases (recently arisen) and treatment of postsurgery

Treatments are to be applied daily during 1-2 weeks, later 3 times per week until the cessation of symptoms. Already during the first treatment or within one day improvement may be noticed.

2. Treatment of chronic (lasting) diseases (arisen earlier than 6-8 weeks):

Prolonged diseases are to be treated less frequently. Use the laser instrument 3 times per week until the cessation or significant decrease of symptoms.

In case of chronic (prolonged) diseases duration of the healing process is naturally longer (days, weeks, maybe months). Following the first treatments mild tingle may be felt, several hours later the pain may increase in case of several chronic diseases (treatment reaction), but this is temporary phenomenon. Intensity of the pain keeps decreasing with the number of treatments and ceases after 3-4 treatments, and the amelioration starts up. Such treatment reaction is a normal accompanying phenomenon indicating the patient’s reaction to the therapy.

If by chance the pain increases, becomes prolonged as a result of treatments, it may mean that the dosage of treatment was too high. Over-treatment does not cause lasting harm. In this case several treatments are omihed and the therapy is continued with lower doses (less sessions or shorter duration).

One of the reason of the accompanying pain is the sudden restart of microcirculation (flow of blood in the smallest veins) in the stagnant areas. Decomposition products (not carried away) accumulated in the stagnant parts get into the circulation suddenly, therefore nausea, fatigue, malaise may seldom occur (following treatment of extended areas or high doses).

If we observe that e.g. the aching joint neither ameliorates nor deteriorates, probably we treated with too low dosage (enlightening of too short duration) 

Customer experiences...

Healing of Carpalis Tunnel Syndrome with Safe Laser infra

Sebgyógyítás Safe Laser 500 Infra készülékkel

“Extensive, non-healing ulcer developed on the leg of a 60 years old man due to circulation disorder.
His leg was treated with Safe Laser 500 Infra once a day with 5 minutes of treatment time at each point, scanning the whole wounded area.

After 5 months of treatment the ulcer healed.”

Customer feedback

Skin tissue dying, ulcer because of the side effect of medicines

Gyógyszer mellékhatás következtében kialakult bőrszövet elhalás, fekélyek

“My wife has lack of protein C on genetic basis, causing coagulation disorders.

At the age of 18 she had deep vein thrombosis because of taking contraceptive pills. She has to continuously take Syncumar since then, with the side effect of tissue dying on the long term.

She had a thrombosis again when delivering our baby (in 1985) and then pulmonary embolism occurred despite the fact that during her pregnancy and after she continuously got heparin injections.

In 2009 rashes developed all over her body, but mainly on her legs because of uncovered reasons, but probably due to medicine allergy.

Leg susceptible to oedema, often insufficient peripheral circulation, capillary bruising.

More extensive ulcers have been developing since 2010 around the ankle and they did not heal despite of treatments.

Medication causing tissue dying and other skin problems could not be stopped because of the genetic disorder.

Then came Safe Laser 150.

As an effect of the everyday laser treatment wounds have improved after a few weeks and every open ulcer on the leg stopped after a year and they never came back!

Laser improved life quality of my wife very much!”

Antal K.
Animal Husbandry Engineer.

Skin problems in infancy

Csecsemő ill. kisgyermekkori bőrproblémák

(Diaper rash and sweet gland inflammation…)

“Frightfully ugly, purulent rashes developed on the face and bum of our 20 months old baby Dani in summer. Our GP prescribed a steroid ointment, but after speaking with our pharmacist I did not want to use it on such a large surface of the baby.

Luckily, we have already known Safe Laser device, we used it for several problems in the family. I thought that before using the ointment I try the laser device, because I knew it is especially proposed for inflammatory skin problems.

We used Safe Laser 150 twice a day for 3-4 minutes on the surface and after 2 days spectacular improvement was experienced. We continued the treatment and during a week rashes disappeared and the wounds were healed scarless.

I was very happy that I did not have to use the steroid ointment.”

(the photo was taken in the original and the half-healed condition.)

Mónika P.
a happy mother (teacher)