Musculoskeletal disorders

The Safe Laser (880nm monokromatikus és koherens*) Infra laser’s light is absorbed in much deeper layers (biological effect reaches even depth of 8 cm), so it can be excellently used e.g. in therapy of musculoskeletal disorder, where pain is relieved,  inflammation decreased and healing of muscles, tendons, joints is accelerated..
In case of higher dose it is suitable for regeneration of cartilage and cartilage surface of joints as well.

* Monochromatic lasers gives 100% of their performance at the physiologically most important wavelengths.

  • Against infections and bacteria 440-500 nm
  • Red blood cells (Karu) 660 nm
  • Skin and wound healing 630-670 nm
  • Post-operative pain, inflammation, muscle injury, cartilage 808 nm

Coherence is one of the most important features of the laser for physiological effect and is retained when passing through the tissues.


Contusion (contusio), strain (distorsio), haematomarupture of taenia, muscle or tendon (ruptura), fracture (fractura)

Disorders due to overstrain

Tendinitis, myositis, bursitis
Inflammation of periostil at the point of adhesion and sticking of muscles (e.g. tenis players’ elbow inflammation at the point of adhesion of muscle to the lower arm as a result of overstrain)

Degenerative deformations

Joint wear, arthrosis
Joint inflammation (arthritis)
Disorders of vertebral column: pain relieving, inflammation decrease (e.g. lumbago)
Muscle diseases e.g. muscle pain, limited movement (contracture)

Mozgásszervi betegségek decor 1.

Musculoskeletal disorders may cause problems, pains at various points of body and numerous joints.

Time of healing of traumatic and sport injuries is shortened by laser therapy!

Applying before surgery it accelerates absorption of haematoma, oedema, so the surgery area becomes more accessible, pain gets reduced.

Apply post-surgery laser therapy 1-2 times/day to achieve sooner healing.

In case of fractures a „small window” would be cut on the plastered limb and direct laser enlightening gives intensive help to the process of ossification.

Pain killing

Pain killing effect of the laser therapy is based on several biological processes:

  • It blocks the transmission of the pain stimulus between the injured part of the body and the brain. This way it reduces sensitivity of the nerves and reduces the pain feeling.
  • It decreases inflammation and swell in the injured part of the body. They play an important role not “only” in pain killing, but they also help healing.
  • It increases the production and release of enkephalins and endorphins, that are nature painkilling chemicals in our organism, thus reduces the pain feeling.

Reducing of inflammation and swelling

The smaller arteries and lymph vessels expand due to the effect of the laser therapy. This enhanced vasodilation allows for leaving of the effusion causing swelling (oedema) from the injured areas. Dilation of the lymph vessel improves lymphatic circulation, thus promoting the essential healing process. This biological mechanism explains why the bruise heals extremely quickly due to the laser effect.

Nerve and muscle damages

The laser therapy after the injury accelerates regeneration of the nerve relations, thus the time needed for healing of the nerves is reduced. Moreover it increases strength of the signals furthered through the nerve fibres and so it generally improves the operation of the nerves and the muscles. These two processes explain the efficiency of laser therapy in easing nerve damages (sharp pain, on pins and needles, tingling, burning).

Healing of wounds and injuries

Soft-laser gives biostimulation (stimulation) effect on the living organism. This means that the cells, and tissues can more quickly regenerate when lighted with soft-laser (e.g. healing of the wound is accelerated.) Due to the effect of the laser light, metabolism of the cells improves and even new cells, tissues and new capillaries develop.

In summary: laser light stimulates self-healing capacity of the body

The laser therapy also stimulates the production of fibroblasts, being the elements of collagen production. Collagen is the essential protein inevitable to renewal of the old tissues and to healing of the injured tissues. Because of the collagen production improving effect of the laser therapy it is very efficient in treating open wounds and burns.

Blood circulation, lymph circulation

Soft laser therapy greatly promotes formation of new capillaries (tiny blood vessels) in the injured tissues. More capillaries can deliver more blood to the injured areas and it accelerates healing and the regeneration processes, so the wounds connect faster, and scar formation is reduced.

Laser radiation exerts great influence on the individual blood cells, too. Laser light importantly increases the oxygen and nutrient delivery capacity of the red blood cells. This allows for increased energy production and metabolism of the cells thus their regeneration and the more efficient production of certain enzymes. Its effect can be felt in the whole organism and not only in the areas treated with laser light.

Diseases of nervous system (pain killing)

Phantom pain: Pain emerging after amputation of limb on the place of the lost limb (very grave treatment reaction may be expected within 12 hours, the pain may increase for 24 hours, but after second treatment improvement may be noted.)

Way of treatment

Mozgásszervi betegségek decor 2.The Safe Laser® 500 Infra instrument is to be placed on the sore or damaged area in contact with it and enlighten it for a given  time, then put it farther on the next point (disposable protective cap can be ordered)

Several points in sequence can be treated depending of the size of sore, damaged surface. Generally the points sensible to pressing are to be treated.

For sake of maximal safety to avoid the casual sighting of laser light the instrument is to be switched on after placing it on the skin surface. Having finished the treatment
switch it off before removing from the skin surface!

Layers to be treated deeper than 8 cm are better accessible, if the head of Safe Laser® 500 Infra is a bit pressed into the tissues.
If because of an open wound the laser can not be put on the skin surface, then it should be held to the nearest possible distance (max. 0,5 cm), but in this case the treatment time should be prolonged by one minute at each point to transfer adequate energy quantity into the organism necessary for the healing!

Duration of treatments (in one spot!)

Frequency of treatment

Frequency of treatment depends of the duration of existence of the disease. (How long ago arose the problem?)

1. Acute diseases (recently arisen) and treatment of postsurgery cases:

Treatments are to be applied daily during 1-2 weeks, later 3 times per week until the cessation of symptoms. Already during the first treatment or within one day improvement may be noticed.

2. Treatment of chronic (lasting) diseases (arisen earlier than 6-8 weeks)

Prolonged diseases are to be treated less frequently. Use the laser instrument 3 times per week until the cessation or significant decrease of symptoms.

In case of chronic (prolonged) diseases duration of the healing process is naturally longer (days, weeks, maybe months)

Following the first treatments mild tingle may be felt, several hours later the pain may increase in case of several chronic diseases (treatment reaction), but this is temporary phenomenon. Intensity of the pain keeps decreasing with the number of treatments and ceases after 3-4 treatments, and the amelioration starts up. Such treatment reaction is a normal accompanying phenomenon indicating the patient’s reaction to the therapy

If we observe that e.g. the aching joint neither ameliorates nor deteriorates, probably we treated with too low dosage (enlightening of too short duration)

If by chance the pain increases, becomes prolonged as a result of treatments, it may mean that the dosage of treatment was too high. Over-treatment does not cause lasting harm. In this case several treatments are omihed and the therapy is continued with lower doses (less sessions or shorter duration)

One of the reason of the accompanying pain is the sudden restart of 
microcirculation (flow of blood in the smallest veins) in the stagnant areas. Decomposition products (not carried away) accumulated in the stagnant parts get into the circulation suddenly, therefore nausea, fatigue, malaise may seldom occur (following treatment of extended areas or high doses)

Ha néhány héten belül az emelt dózissal sem csökken a fájdalom, akkor valószínűleg a fájdalom erre a részre csak kisugárzik és a kiváltó ok más helyen van. A fájdalom valódi okának megtalálásával a “trigger pont terápia” foglalkozik.

More frequent or prolonged treatments does not necessarily accelerate healing, because there is a biological limit beyond which cells can not be further stimulated by irradiation!

Safe Laser treatment protocol

Musculoskeletal table

Designating places of treatment 

  • For muscles: Muscles are thoroughly felt and touched and points of high “pressuresensitivity” are treated.
  • For joints: Generally are treated in the line of joint gap.

Joints can be better reached by bending the limbs, so inner part of the joint can be enlightened. Muscles moving the joint are felt and touched and sensitive points are treated.
For tendons: Treatment is applied at sticking of tendons, muscle-tendon transition and pressure-sensitive points.

Even in case if the treatment points are not found precisely, the therapy can be efficient, because the light of Safe Laser® Infra is spread on extended surface.


Safe Laser 500 infra: handling advice

Dr. Ádám Mester : Handling joints with Safe Laser

Dr. Ádám Mester : Soft laser operation and history

Professional experiences...

Dr. Lajos Gáspár

Dr. Gáspár Lajos

„The Safe Laser family means a new area of the application of low-level lasers, by which the healing light effects can become part of families’ daily life. It is an efficient device for the acceleration of the healing of wounds, for pain relief and for treatment of inflammatory processes, which can now be used not only by doctors but also by adequately prepared family members. The time has come when the doctor puts the
healing laser into the hands of the patient.”

Candidate of medical sciences, University docent

Prof. Dr. Sándor Sandra

Prof. Dr. Sandra Sándor

In our institution we use Safe Laser devices for 4 years now, during which time a comprehensive study was carried out involving hundreds of patients examining the effectiveness of the therapy. During the treatments we have achieved outcomes for the following complaints and disorders:

A kezelések során az alábbi panaszok és kórképek esetén értünk el eredményeket:

  • arthritis – chronic inflammation of the joints (fingers, wrist, elbow, ankle, knee, shoulder)
  • rheumatoid arthritis – rheumatoid arthritis, pains
  • arthrosis – eroded joints (especially hip, knee, shoulder)
  • spondylarthrosis, lumboischialgia, discus hernia – (neck, back lumbar section)
  • tenosynovitis – inflammation of the tendon sheath (wrist, Achilles tendon)
  • epicondylitis humeri lateralis et medialis – tennis and golf elbow
  • Carpal- tunnel syndrome
  • de Quervain-syndrome
  • tendinitis – inflammation tape (knee, shoulder)
  • exostosis calcanei – spurs
  • haematoma – in muscles, joints
  • contusion, distorsion – sprains, bruises, strains (muscles, joints, ligaments)
Chief Medical Officer - Central Hospital of the Hungarian Homeland Defense Forces (Rheumatology and Physiotherapy)

Tünde Hrabovszki Antalné

Hrabovszki Antalné Tünde

I have been using Safe Laser since 2014 and treated more than 2300 cases. 99% of my patients totally recovered. I have been working in health care for 28 years but I did not have as much satisfaction in my whole career as I have now since I use Safe Laser.

Physiotherapy P.A.

Dr. Péter Lang

Out of 9 patient who were waiting for knee prostheses 3 of them cancelled their surgery as Safe Laser reduced their pain. 5 patients who were waiting for hip prosthesis cancelled the surgery after using Safe Laser.

I had great experience in these cases:

  • Heel-bone inflammation
  • Tennis elbow
  • Reduce pain after surgery
  • Wound healing after surgery
  • Hand arthritis
  • Knee arthritis
Orthopaedic surgery - Budai Irgalmasrendi Hospital

Dr. Ádám Mester Ph.D.

Dr. Mester Ádám Ph.D.

I have great experience with Safe Laser 500 Infra device.

This laser therapy works within the infrared range where there are 2 opposite energy-distribution which needs to be balanced. In one hand, a sufficiently intense photon energy must reach the deeper tissues, and the target volume (where the biological effect is expected), on the other hand the overload of surface and near tissues should also be avoided.

The Safe Laser 500 Infra device achieves this compromise by using a secure, wide penetration gate, maintaining the primary homogeneity of the light, enabling the key coherence of the biological effect to be reduced. It is a practical advantage that due to the wide exit gate and divergence, it cannot cause any accidental damage to the eye retina.

From indications, Safe Laser 500 is coming from a homogeneous source, but safely spreading beam, with the surface performance of 500 mW it has also become available with critical locations such as calcaneus spurs, obes lumbar joints, knee dorsal ranges, ossichi hamstring origins, obturators externus bursa, interglutelais minor bursitis, thrombophlebitis, mastoid cell system, sinusitis. These treatments with standard laser devices were more difficult to solve and were not always sufficiently successful.

National Institute of Rheumatology and Physiotherapy

Dr. Lajos Ábrahám

A 31-year-old woman patient had an ovarian cysts removal surgery 4 months ago. Both cuts made on the left side of the hypogastrium became sensitive and painful straight after the surgery. She was given painkillers by specialists for 4 months but the pain was still there. That’s when we started using Safe Laser 500 Infra on both cuts for 5-5mins. It was amazing to experience how safe laser treats and heals particular cases, her pain disappeared after a couple of treatments


Using Safe Laser with rib fractures seems to be a success too. I used Safe Laser treatment around the injuries for 5-7 minutes twice per day.  After 2 days of treatment, patients experienced a reduction in pain. Those patients who suffered from acute diseases – pneumonia – for instance and could only deal with the pain with painkillers, reported great results even leaving painkillers after 4-5 days of laser treatment.

Chief Surgeon - Szent János Hospital

Customer experiences...

Degenerative Small Joint Arthritis

Degeneratív kisízületi gyulladás

“I am 50 years old. I played the piano in my childhood for 8 years. I had to stop it because articular deformation developed in my fingers.

Both of my hands became inappropriate for fine motions (e.g. grasping, scrolling of a newspaper, picking of a needle) and I had permanent pain with the motion.

After more than 30 years I did not trust in healing when one of my friends offered me the Safe Laser device. I treated the small arthritis of my hands with laser.

After the first treatments pains different from the “ordinary” ones occurred, and at the 5th treatment it stopped. (treatment reaction.)

After 1 month of treatment pain has almost fully gone, my joints became loose and they can move more easily. During my training I could put my palm down, at my great surprise, and I did not have to push my fists. It could not have been achieved with many physiotherapy treatments, my hand remained rigid and pain has always come back.

I can offer use of the device for each fellow of mine, it will be a salvation in for them!”

Annamária P. K.
entrepreneur (repair of medical instruments)

Healing of Carpalis Tunner Syndrome with Safe Laser 500 infra

Carpalis alagút syndroma gyógyítása Safe Laser 500 Infrával

Severe carpalis syndrome developed in my hands 3 months ago. Unfortunately, menopause causes this unpleasant and painful disease in case of many women. Now I can see that this syndrome is a common disease. Many young people suffer from it because of using the internet.

The symptom is that the fingers begin numbing, then this condition becomes constant and later it becomes painful. I awoke at night several times and felt that my hand died. The end of the fingers became insensible, sometimes I could not hold the pen and did not feel the finer things e.g. a napkin, at all. This is caused by thickening of the joints in the carpalis tunnel, and therefore the nerves are pressed. I was given physiotherapy, when the muscles were stimulated with small electric shock. It became even worse. Then I read about it but unfortunately nobody could offer better solution than surgery. However, it would mean 2 weeks of complete uselessness and 4 weeks of recovery.

Then I began to treat my wrist with Safe Laser 500. After four treatments (5-5 minutes) both my hands improved, and I do not have any pain!!! I can sleep through the nights since the treatments. Now, only the end of my finger is numbing Of course, I know that a couple of treatments are still needed, but this is a wonderful result. I hope I can miss the operation because one month without using my right hand cannot be imagined.

Thank you!”

Kati Telkes

Kati Telkes
Customer feedback

Wound healing with laser

Sebgyógyítás lézerrel

“The thumb-circular saw fight finished with the victory of the circular saw :(.
I cut round my finger to the bone, the surgeon sewed it round to save it.

I began to light it through the binding twice a day with Safe Laser 150.
My pain was efficiently reduced by the laser and after a month such improvement was experienced!!
The surgeon did not believe in his eyes 🙂
(Unfortunately I could take only a blurry photo at the surgery.:-)) “

Zsolt Csányi - pressman
Customer feedback

Arthritis, Osteoarthritis and Vertabra wear

Ízületi gyulladás, porc és csigolyakopás

Dear Mr. Tamás Rózsa,

I bought a Safe Laser 500 device from you a few days ago. I should like to divide my experience of the device with you.
I have unbearable pain because of different arthritis, osteoarthritis and vertebra wear. The diagnosis is lumbago, sciatica and lumbar spine.

Recently, before the series of spine surgeries, hip replacement was envisaged, Of course I would not like it.

Fortunately I found at the internet Safe Laser 500 distributed by you and I bought it.
At my greatest surprise permanent great pains have stopped after the first two treatments as well as the calf spasms at nights. After the third-fourth treatment I could work a whole day without pain (that was impossible for 4 years). Until the treatment I was not able to lift my leg up to the threshold and to put on my slippers without clinging, and now I can do it and I can lift my knee to my waist.

I would not believe it if it did not happen to me. I know this is not an asymptomatic healing, much more treatments are needed, but it is a great result that my pains passed, and I can work all day without pain. I did not believe that such results could be achieved after a few treatments.
Thank you very much to return my vitality and belief in healing. I no longer trusted in it.
I wish you good health and much success in your work.

Best regards,
Mrs. Erlich Éva Szórádi

Mrs. Erlich Éva Szórádi

Musculoskeletal rehabilitation after stroke

Mozgásszervi rehabilitáció stroke után

“My patient arrived at the Emergency Department with stroke in 2013.

CT confirmed bleeding in the left ventricle. The patient was stabilized at the department of neurology, but his limbs on the right side have importantly weakened and he could not move his arm.

One year of rehabilitation caused relative improvement of his right leg, but he still could not use his arm.

His treatment with the Safe Laser 500 Infra was begun on 5th Jan. 2015 along the nerves. The first results emerged in the middle of February, the patient could lift his hand out of his shoulders and his fingers began to move a bit.

His treatment suddenly accelerated by 3rd month. He could lift his hand over his head, he can grasp thicker object again and he can twist the cap of the bottle with his previously paralytic hand.

Using the Safe Laser (also for other diseases) we achieved more success during 5 months in our physiotherapy office than in course of our 28 years of work.

Tünde H. A.

Heal bone inflammation

Jné Z. Györgyi

“I am over 66 years. I was suffering from March, I was unable to walk because of a heal bone inflammation, that stubbornly insisted despite the therapies offered by the health care (scanning laser treatment, physiotherapy, wraps and anti-inflammation creams) and it paralyzed my moving lifestyle.

As the rheumatologist predicted that the next step would be injection treatment at the orthopedy, steroids, and finally an operation with doubtful outcome; I was afraid of it very much.

11 days before I got a safe Laser 500 Infra device, I treated the 3 most painful points of my heel twice a day and my heel became fully painless by this morning. I can stand in any position, or walk even on the bumpy garden soil, and I do not feel any pain when lifting my grandchild. Not an excuse, as an effect of some treatments with the device the inflammation ceased, and nothing was left of the pain.

I am grateful for the inventors, because I got back my normal movement in a short period of time.”

Mrs. J. György Z.
Customer feedback

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Dear Safe Laser Medical,

I am 64 and suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis for a long time especially during winter period. Physiotherapy did not work much for me. My movements became limited, it was hard to take a shower or to get dressed and to leave an everyday life.

In April 2017 I had the chance to start using Safe Laser 500 Infra. I have been using it for my heels, knees, shoulders, elbows and my left and right wrists for 1-1 minute.

I am over 90 treatments now and although I know my RA is irreversible, I am comfortable to go for longer walks as it became easier, get dressed, take a shower or live my everyday life.

My other positive experience is my immune system which became stronger, it is December and I am still enjoying the weather without catching a cold or flu.

Thank you, Safe Laser

Éva Paksi - pensioner
Customer feedback