Diseases which can be treated by local treatment:

  • Fülpanaszok  decor kép 1.In case of bruises, epithelial injuries or post-operative wounds it promotes normal tissue regeneration..
  • It helps to heal the ear and ear canal inflammation. Reduces tinnitus. Acute hearing loss (improves hearing with fiber optic).
  • Tinnitus, inflammation, pain, itching… (laser led into the ear hole)

Soft-laser has been used for treating tinnitus for more than 25 years (Witt 1989)
Laser = Improves circulation in the capillaries + anti-inflammatory + muscle relaxant

The benefits of Safe Laser light therapy treatment

  • No risk to the eyes, so anybody may safely use it.
  • It is possible to treat diseases that require several months of treatment.
  • It is convenient: it can be used in an institute or at home.
  • It is simple and practical: It is easy to put into operation and to use.
  • Quick treatment time: Only 3-5 minutes on one surface.
  • Painless use.
  • No harmful side effect is known.
  • Treatment time is shortened.
  • It can be combined with any therapy.
  • It is a natural and efficient therapy.

Diseases which can be treated with nostril light (laser beam directed to the nostrils)

It relieves the symptoms of colds, flu, and respiratory inflammation and accelerates its course.

Way of treatment

Fülpanaszok: a kezelés módjaThe Safe Laser®  instrument is to be placed on the sore or  damaged area in contact with it and enlighten it for a given time, then put it farther on the next point (disposable protective cap can be ordered).

Several points in sequence can be treated depending of the size of sore, damaged surface.

If because of an open wound the laser can not be put on the skin surface, then it should be held to the nearest possible distance (max. 0,5 cm), but in this case the treatment time should be prolonged by one minute at each point to transfer adequate energy quantity into the organism necessary for the healing!

For sake of maximal safety to avoid the casual sighting of laser light the instrument is to be switched on after placing it on the skin surface. Having finished the treatment switch it off before removing from the skin surface!

Duration of treatments (in one spot!)

See Safe Laser treatment protocol >>

Frequency of treatment

Frequency of treatment depends of the duration of existence of the disease. (How long ago arose the problem?)

1. Acute diseases (recently arisen) and treatment of postsurgery
Treatments are to be applied daily during 1-2 weeks, later 3 times per week until the cessation of symptoms. Already during the first treatment or within one day improvement may be noticed.

2. Treatment of chronic (lasting) diseases (arisen earlier than 6-8 weeks):
Prolonged diseases are to be treated less frequently. Use the laser instrument 3 times per week until the cessation or significant decrease of symptoms.

In case of chronic (prolonged) diseases duration of the healing process is naturally longer (days, weeks, maybe months). Following the first treatments mild tingle may be felt, several hours later the pain may increase in case of
several chronic diseases (treatment reaction), but this is temporary phenomenon. Intensity of the pain keeps decreasing with the number of treatments and ceases after 3-4 treatments, and the amelioration starts up. Such treatment reaction is a normal accompanying phenomenon indicating the patient’s reaction to the therapy.

If by chance the pain increases, becomes prolonged as a result of treatments, it may mean that the dosage of treatment was too high. Over-treatment does not cause lasting harm. In this case several treatments are omihed and the therapy is continued with lower doses (less sessions or shorter duration)

One of the reason of the accompanying pain is the sudden restart of microcirculation (flow of blood in the smallest veins) in the stagnant areas. Decomposition products (not carried away) accumulated in the stagnant parts get into the circulation suddenly, therefore nausea, fatigue, malaise may seldom occur (following treatment of extended areas or high doses).

If we observe that e.g. the aching joint neither ameliorates nor deteriorates, probably we treated with too low dosage (enlightening of too short duration). In this case we can increase the treatment time by approx. 2-3 minutes. If the pain is not reduced within a few weeks, use our more powerful infrared SL500 Infra.

3. Cure with nasal (or ear) laser irradiation: ​
In this case the continuous daily use is recommended. Light separately in each nostril (or ear) for 4-5 minutes. (max. 2 5mes per day!) 

 More frequent or prolonged treatments does not necessarily accelerate healing, because there is a biological limit beyond which cells can not be further stimulated by irradiation!

Ear, nose, larynx - Safe Laser treatment protocol

Duration of treatments (in one spot!) 

Ear-nose table

Professional experiences...

Dr. Györgyi Fülöp : Ear - Nose - Throat and Audiologist Specialist

Customer experiences...

Healing of Hearing Loss with Safe Laser

Halláscsökkenés gyógyítása Safe Laser-rel

“20 years ago, my hearing began to deteriorate. Careful and regular medical examinations could not show any difference in my organs, so not efficient therapy could be offered.
My hearing deteriorated from year to year and finally a serious hearing loss developed. I could hear the TV only with large volume, and it disturbed my environment. At the last examination my hearing loss was attributed to my age.

This year I began to use Safe Laser 150. I led the laser light into my both ears with fibre optics for 5-5 minutes.
After a month I felt that I hear better and this improvement has continued in the next months with the continuous laser treatment.
After some months of laser treatment my hearing is 95 % again and I ask my environment to tune down the TV.

It is surprising for me as a health expert that such an improvement could be reached with some minutes of daily, painless laser treatment and in my home.
I am grateful to get back hearing of my adolescence.”

Karoly E. - Health expert
Customer feedback

Ear complaints

F. Mária - vásárlói levél

My ear was operated 15 years ago. Since then I have suffered from continuous otitis. I went to the doctor 2-3 times a month because of the unbearable pain.

I lighted both ear canals with Safe Laser 5-5 minutes every day. Since my laser treatments I do not have any complaint.

I regularly use the device since then.”

Mária F.

Ear problems – Acoustic Meatus Inflammation

“2 years ago, I got an acoustic meatus inflammation at bathing. I was given antibiotic treatment, ear sprays but they were inefficient. I had otorrhea and strong pains for a year.

All my complaints ceased after 6 weeks of treatment with Safe Laser 150 and I fully healed.”

Lajos Sz.
Freight Forwarder

Sara – chronically runny nose and chronic rhinitis

Sára - vásárlói levél

Due to Sarah’s genetic disease, her lungs are weak, she is constantly lying in bed and cannot get rid of mucus in her lungs. She’s been suffering for chronically runny nose and chronic rhinitis for a year, which couldn’t be treated with any therapy. They had to suction her nose 20 times a day.

We’ve been using Safe laser for 2 weeks now for 4 mins per day and she became asymptomatic.

She’s been asymptomatic for 12 months now.

Customer feedback

Sylvi Bódi – Tinnitus/Hearing loss

Bódi Szilvi - vásárlói levél

I treat my ears with Safe Laser twice a day. I start the day with it, then surfing, then lunch and surfing again. And then laser treatment before going to bed.
The whole treatment does not take more than 12 minutes.
My small magic device is good for many things, because laser light accelerates and starts the healing processes of the organism (biostimulation) It has pain killing, anti-inflammatory and swell reducing effect. It improves blood and lymph circulation and stimulates regeneration of the injured nerves. As a result very good results can be achieved in case of musculoskeletal disorders, dental problems, allergy, asthma, hay fever, respiratory inflammations, sports injuries, skin problems and what is most actual for me of ear problems, too.
By the way Safe Laser is a novelty in the world, coming from us Hungarians. 🏆🇭🇺👏🏼 I am especially proud of it! We can thank this invention to the wonderful man, excellent physician, the doctor of the Academy of Sciences of Hungary, Dr. Károly Rózsa.🙏🏼

Sylvi Bódi
Customer feedback

Sylvi Bódi – Hearing loss

Bódi Szilvi

I had to face much difficulties in the past weeks. I have permanent tinnitus for more than two weeks. The results of my hearing examination raise anxiety. I had a hearing loss in one of my ears.🙏🏼
Otitis media attacked the auditory nerves and caused injury there.👂🏼😞 So after the antibiotic treatment I had to take steroids, too…👂🏼😞 I tried several treatments and I take medicines and nutritional supplements promoting regeneration of the nerves.💊
I had some spiritual nadirs in this period, but I could come back positively. I consider this matter as a health challenge and I believe in healing. I have an excellent doctor (Dr Györgyi Fülöp) and outstanding experts help me in my therapy treatments
I believe that when the cicada playing music in my ear gets bored, then leaves and I will normally hear again with my right ear.
Now, I am sitting on a plane and fly to my loved ocean to Micronesia🌊🏄🏻♀ This wonderful laser device is my companion, whose healing power could be felt already after the first treatments. Partly because of this I can fly again! 🙏🏼 People look a bit strange when I use it in the plane, but I do not mind it. 🔦 I take it with me and I will treat my ear every day.
My soul will be happy that I can be in the environment again, where I am the happiest: on the back of the waves. 🌊🏄🏻‍♀️💙

Sylvi Bódi
Customer feedback