Dental and Oral diseases

  • Fogászati és szájbetegségekDiseases of skin surface and mucous membrane (e.g. herpes, mouth wounds, ulcers, sores) and gingivitis, periodontitis, gum bleeding can be treated more efficiently with the Safe Laser 150 optional fibre optics.
  • Toothaches, inflammations can be efficiently treated either by enlightening through cheek or with the help of fiber optic
  • Recovery of soft and bone tissues is accelerated after dental treatments, mouth surgery, implantation.
  • It improves the sticking of the epithelium (osseointegration) around dental implantation even by enlightening through cheek.
  • Convalescence is reduced after surgery, stitches can be removed sooner.
  • Lock-jaw (trismus) – Lasting contraction of jaw muscles may evolve as a result of several causes e.g. inflammation of the wisdom-tooth. Several minutes of Safe Laser® 500 Infra treatment on the jaw joint loosens the muscle, the lock-jaw resolves in few minutes, inflammation will be reduced.

Way of treatment

A  kezelés módjaThe Safe Laser® instrument is to be placed on the sore or damaged area in contact with it and enlighten it for a given time, then put it farther on the next point (disposable protective cap can be ordered). Several points in sequence can be treated depending of the size of sore, damaged surface. Generally the points sensible to pressing are to be treated.

For sake of maximal safety to avoid the casual sighting of laser light the instrument is to be switched on after placing it on the skin surface. Having finished the treatment switch it off before removing from the skin surface!

Layers to be treated deeper than 8 cm are better accessible, if the head of Safe Laser® 500 Infra is a bit pressed into the tissues. If because of an open wound the laser can not be put on the skin surface, then it should be held to the nearest possible distance (max. 0,5 cm), but in this case the treatment time should be prolonged by one minute at each point to transfer adequate energy quantity into the organism necessary for the healing!

Duration of treatments (in one spot!)

See Safe Laser treatment protocol >>

Frequency of treatment:

Frequency of treatment depends of the duration of existence of the disease. (How long ago arose the problem?)

1. Acute diseases (recently arisen) and treatment of postsurgery cases:
Treatments are to be applied daily during 1-2 weeks, later 3 times per week until the cessation of symptoms. Already during the first treatment or within one day improvement may be noticed.

2. Treatment of chronic (lasting) diseases (arisen earlier than 6-8 weeks):
Prolonged diseases are to be treated less frequently. Use the laser instrument 3 times per week until the cessation or significant decrease of symptoms. In case of chronic (prolonged) diseases duration of the healing process is naturally longer (days, weeks, maybe months).

Following the first treatments mild tingle may be felt, several hours later the pain may increase in case of several chronic diseases (treatment reaction), but this is temporary phenomenon. Intensity of the pain keeps decreasing with the number of treatments and ceases after 3-4 treatments, and the amelioration starts up. Such treatment reaction is a normal accompanying
phenomenon indicating the patient’s reaction to the therapy.

If we observe that e.g. the aching joint neither ameliorates nor deteriorates, probably we treated with too low dosage (enlightening of too short duration).
Individual sensitivity varies person by person. Doses of treatment keep accumulating slowly, so the treatment reaction (e.g. increase of pain) appears sooner or later (cca. after 4-5 weeks) and only then the subjective amelioration begins.

If by chance the pain increases, becomes prolonged as a result of treatments, it may mean that the dosage of treatment was too high. Over-treatment does not cause lasting harm. In this case several treatments are omihed and the therapy is continued with lower doses (less sessions or shorter duration).

One of the reason of the accompanying pain is the sudden restart of microcirculation (flow of blood in the smallest veins) in the stagnant areas. Decomposition products (not carried away) accumulated in the stagnant parts get into the circulation suddenly, therefore nausea, fatigue, malaise may seldom occur (following treatment of extended areas or high doses).

More frequent or prolonged treatments does not necessarily accelerate healing, because there is a biological limit beyond which cells can not be further stimulated by irradiation!

Dental - Safe Laser treatment protocol

Dental table

Professional experiences...

It improves the sticking of the epithelium (osseointegration) around dental implantation even by enlightening through cheek.

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Customer experiences...

Saving the teeth with Safe Laser

Fogmentés Safe Laser készülékkel

“Two weeks ago, my dentist decided – after looking at the X-ray – to extract my wisdom tooth. It really was very painful even when touching it, but I tried something.
I treated my tooth continuously for one week from different directions with Safe Laser 500 Infra. Sensitivity continuously and almost immediately reduced!
In the first days only for a few hours, but after seven days of treatment pain has completely gone and I can chew with it.
Sensitivity and inflammation have gone away. I think I don’t have to emphasize how important and fundamental life quality is and how much I could save.

Then my dentist borrowed the device for treating his knee joint problem and the waist disorders of his wife. And it helped them, too. 🙂

Thank you, thank you very much!”

Dr. Péter P. - Lawyer
Customer feedback

Pain killing with Safe Laser 500 infra

Fájdalom csillapítás safe laser 500 infrával

“Nothing is so convincing than the personal experience 🙁

After a smaller oral surgery intervention I was given the possibility to try how efficient our laser is in pain killing.
The doctor called my attention that I will have pain for 3-4 days, so I should always take pain killers with me.
After the operation I took one, then I tried what would happen if I only use the laser. I lighted the place of my wisdom tooth 3-4 times a day for 5-10 minutes (it is possible in acute case) from outside and I did not feel any pain for 1 week until suture removal.
It is good to experience that the device really knows what we say about it, but I don’t need more experience.”

Tamás Rózsa
Electric Engineer

Faster recovery after dental treatment

Fogászati beavatkozás után gyorsabb gyógyulás

“5 pcs of implants were implanted in my lower jaw in the middle of November. The operation was successful and as the operating doctor envisaged perfect building in the gum (ossification) of the implants by the end of February or beginning of March even with the regular dental laser treatment to be given at the clinics.

Instead of the laser treatment at the clinics I used Safe Laser 500 Infra in my home, twice or three times a day, externally, through the face skin.

The result is fantastic, rehabilitation time reduced to 1.5 month instead of the envisaged 3-3.5 months.

Construction of the teeth on the implants could begin at the beginning of January.

It was a great benefit that I did not have to go to the clinics and wait there several times a week, but I could perform the treatment in my home, conveniently and without travelling.

Thank you for using this fantastic device!”

Andrea W. - Health visitor
Customer feedback