Safe Laser in cosmetics


Safe Laser a kozmetikábanPain killing, anti-inflammatory and biostimulating effect of Safe Laser can be efficiently used in modern cosmetic treatments, too. The laser light, penetrating in the cells, induces and accelerates important physiologic processes, new cells and tissues develop.

  • It accelerates healing of the bruising occurring during cosmetic skin cleaning, it shortly eliminates skin redness and oedemas.
  • When radiating the acne skin, the inflammations and the old scabs the healing light softens the scar tissue and induces the process of regeneration. It reduces inflammation. It fades the unpleasant symptoms of cheloid and atrophy.
  • It stimulates the collagen synthesis, thus slows down ageing of the skin, refines the wrinkles and fades the pigment spots.
  • It fades the symptoms of rosacea and the vasodilation.
  • It improves blood circulation, it helps getting of the cosmetic agents into the dermis of the skin where they can be better absorbed.
  • Using after epilation it reduces skin redness and pain and makes sycosis avoidable.
  • It efficiently heals the unpleasant symptoms of herpes and shingles.
  • It can be excellently used for post-treatment of aesthetic operations.
  • It regulates and reduces the operation of the sebaceous.
  • It optimizes the operation of the sweat glands.

Safe Laser is the inevitable supplement of modern cosmetic face treatments.

The cosmetic head improves absorption of the creams. It can be used instead of ultrasound device.

However, it importantly reduces the power of laser, so don’t use it for wrinkle treatment.

For treating acnes the laser has to be in contact with the affected area.