• Do NOT treat painful areas of unknown origin because the laser can decrease pain and may obscure „grave” diseases temporarily!
  • The laser devices can be used for investigated disorders, diseases diagnosed by a doctor!
  • You can only use Safe Laser if you are over 18. Under 18: only with an adult’s supervision!
  • Do not apply the laser light in the nostrils of toddlers and young children because of the relatively strong light which can irritate the eyes!
  • Irradiating the lower abdomen or the nasal mucosa of pregnant women or the open fontanelles of babies is prohibited because of the (potentially dangerous) increase of hyperaemia!
  • The use of the laser device is prohibited for people suffering from severe blood cloing problem or a state of acute stroke!
  • Do not beam: the area of malignant tumours, the area of the thyroid and breasts, and the area of fungal skin surfaces!
  • Direct irradiation of coloured moles may be dangerous, because it qualifies as status prior to cancer!
  • Do not beam deliberately into the eyes or around the eyes!