Allergy, asthma and hay fever

  • it reduces or stops the symptoms

Diseases which can be treated with nostril light (laser beam directed to the nostrils)

  • It relieves the symptoms of colds, flu, and respiratory inflammation and accelerates its course.
  • It reduces or stops the symptoms of Aller​gy, asthma and hay fever.
  • (It is worth to start using the device one week before allergy season!) accelerates healing.

Customer feedbacks...

Pollen Allergy

Pollen allergia

“I am 29-year-old and work in a horticulture. I have pollen allergy since my childhood. Because I love my work and continuously deal with plants I had to take medicines against allergy (Rinocort nose spray, Allergodil eyedrops, Loretadin tablets). Unfortunately, my medicines were expensive and sometimes I was ill for several weeks.

Once when I got such a “cold” I got bored and I began using of Safe Laser, as proposed by my mother! My mother has been using this device for long and she told me much good about it. I was a bit incredulous, but it ceased, when after the first treatment I could sleep the whole night! As per the instructions I used the laser for both blowholes for 2×5 minutes every day with the small laser (Safe Laser 30). After a few days torturing cough and runny nose passed away. Since then I have been treating myself every day in summer and in autumn and continue maintaining treatment twice or three times a week in the other months and I am completely healthy. I have a better mode and my eyes are not itchy!

Thanks for the inventor of the laser!”

Margit Herbály - gardener
Customer feedback

Pollen allergy

Pollen allergia

I have been suffering from strong pollen allergy for 26 years, accompanied with asthma attacks, nasal congestion, ophthalmia and some other unpleasant symptoms.

These symptoms made my life unbearable mainly at the time of flowering of the ragweed.

First, I tried to get rid of nasal congestion with nose drops, then with nose spray in this period.

As a result, my smelling was totally ruined, because the above-mentioned chemicals corroded my olfactory. I already gave up of feeling the smell of anything at any time.

By using Safe Laser 150 the symptoms started to ease in the next allergy season, – nasal congestion occurred rarely, I did not have allergy attack – so it was really easier to survive this period.

I was really astonished when I started to regain my smelling.  One morning I woke up and felt fine fresh coffee smell! I did not expect it.

Since then I can smell finer scents too and I am grateful that a sense of mine works again!

Tibor V. - Financial consultant
Customer feedback