Diseases which can be treated with Safe Laser

Musculoskeletal disorders

Pain relief, joint-, muscle-,  endoninflammations, rheumatic pains, arthosis

Injuries - Sport injuries

Muscle strain, contusion,  hematoma, bone fracture, muscle and ligament injuries

Skin problems

Eczema, skin inflammations, herpes simplex, herpes, bruises, cuts, burn and freeze injuries

Ear complaints

Inflammation, pain, itchiness, tinnitus

Cosmetic problems

Pimples, inflammations

Safe Laserrel kezelhető betegségek

Allergy, asthma, hay fever,
respiratory inflammations

Relieves and eliminates symptoms

Nostril lights treatments

It eliminates the adversity of red blood cells, improves blood circulation, improves the blood supply to our organs, and significantly reduces the chance of infarction

Dental problems

Toothache, inflammation, atrophy and bleeding of the gums, oral mucosal injuriese


Heals ulcerated wounds


  • Do NOT treat painful areas of unknown origin because the laser can decrease pain and may obscure „grave” diseases temporarily!
  • The laser devices can be used for investigated disorders, diseases diagnosed by a doctorSafe Laser!
  • You can only use Safe Laser if you are over 18. Under 18: only with an adult’s supervision18. 
  • Do not apply the laser light in the nostrils of toddlers and young children because of the relatively strong light which can irritate the eyes!
  • Irradiating the lower abdomen or the nasal mucosa of pregnant women or the open fontanelles of babies is prohibited because of the (potentially dangerous) increase of hyperaemia !!!
  • The use of the laser device is prohibited for people suffering from severe blood cloing problem or a state of acute stroke!
  • Do not beam: the area of malignant tumours, the area of the thyroid and breasts, and the area of fungal skin surfaces!
  • Direct irradiation of coloured moles may be dangerous, because it qualifies as status prior to cancer!
  • Do not beam deliberately into the eyes or around the eyes!