Mozgásszervi rehabilitáció stroke után

Musculoskeletal rehabilitation after stroke

“My patient arrived at the Emergency Department with stroke in 2013.

CT confirmed bleeding in the left ventricle. The patient was stabilized at the department of neurology, but his limbs on the right side have importantly weakened and he could not move his arm.

One year of rehabilitation caused relative improvement of his right leg, but he still could not use his arm.

His treatment with the Safe Laser 500 Infra was begun on 5th Jan. 2015 along the nerves. The first results emerged in the middle of February, the patient could lift his hand out of his shoulders and his fingers began to move a bit.

His treatment suddenly accelerated by 3rd month. He could lift his hand over his head, he can grasp thicker object again and he can twist the cap of the bottle with his previously paralytic hand.

Using the Safe Laser (also for other diseases) we achieved more success during 5 months in our physiotherapy office than in course of our 28 years of work.