Carpalis alagút syndroma gyógyítása Safe Laser 500 Infrával

Healing of Carpalis Tunner Syndrome with Safe Laser 500 infra

Severe carpalis syndrome developed in my hands 3 months ago. Unfortunately, menopause causes this unpleasant and painful disease in case of many women. Now I can see that this syndrome is a common disease. Many young people suffer from it because of using the internet.

The symptom is that the fingers begin numbing, then this condition becomes constant and later it becomes painful. I awoke at night several times and felt that my hand died. The end of the fingers became insensible, sometimes I could not hold the pen and did not feel the finer things e.g. a napkin, at all. This is caused by thickening of the joints in the carpalis tunnel, and therefore the nerves are pressed. I was given physiotherapy, when the muscles were stimulated with small electric shock. It became even worse. Then I read about it but unfortunately nobody could offer better solution than surgery. However, it would mean 2 weeks of complete uselessness and 4 weeks of recovery.

Then I began to treat my wrist with Safe Laser 500. After four treatments (5-5 minutes) both my hands improved, and I do not have any pain!!! I can sleep through the nights since the treatments. Now, only the end of my finger is numbing Of course, I know that a couple of treatments are still needed, but this is a wonderful result. I hope I can miss the operation because one month without using my right hand cannot be imagined.

Thank you!”

Kati Telkes