Jné Z. Györgyi

Heal bone inflammation

“I am over 66 years. I was suffering from March, I was unable to walk because of a heal bone inflammation, that stubbornly insisted despite the therapies offered by the health care (scanning laser treatment, physiotherapy, wraps and anti-inflammation creams) and it paralyzed my moving lifestyle.

As the rheumatologist predicted that the next step would be injection treatment at the orthopedy, steroids, and finally an operation with doubtful outcome; I was afraid of it very much.

11 days before I got a safe Laser 500 Infra device, I treated the 3 most painful points of my heel twice a day and my heel became fully painless by this morning. I can stand in any position, or walk even on the bumpy garden soil, and I do not feel any pain when lifting my grandchild. Not an excuse, as an effect of some treatments with the device the inflammation ceased, and nothing was left of the pain.

I am grateful for the inventors, because I got back my normal movement in a short period of time.”