Dr. Mester Ádám Ph.D.

Dr. Ádám Mester Ph.D.

I have great experience with Safe Laser 500 Infra device.

This laser therapy works within the infrared range where there are 2 opposite energy-distribution which needs to be balanced. In one hand, a sufficiently intense photon energy must reach the deeper tissues, and the target volume (where the biological effect is expected), on the other hand the overload of surface and near tissues should also be avoided.

The Safe Laser 500 Infra device achieves this compromise by using a secure, wide penetration gate, maintaining the primary homogeneity of the light, enabling the key coherence of the biological effect to be reduced. It is a practical advantage that due to the wide exit gate and divergence, it cannot cause any accidental damage to the eye retina.

From indications, Safe Laser 500 is coming from a homogeneous source, but safely spreading beam, with the surface performance of 500 mW it has also become available with critical locations such as calcaneus spurs, obes lumbar joints, knee dorsal ranges, ossichi hamstring origins, obturators externus bursa, interglutelais minor bursitis, thrombophlebitis, mastoid cell system, sinusitis. These treatments with standard laser devices were more difficult to solve and were not always sufficiently successful.