Dr. Lajos Ábrahám

A 31-year-old woman patient had an ovarian cysts removal surgery 4 months ago. Both cuts made on the left side of the hypogastrium became sensitive and painful straight after the surgery. She was given painkillers by specialists for 4 months but the pain was still there. That’s when we started using Safe Laser 500 Infra on both cuts for 5-5mins. It was amazing to experience how safe laser treats and heals particular cases, her pain disappeared after a couple of treatments


Using Safe Laser with rib fractures seems to be a success too. I used Safe Laser treatment around the injuries for 5-7 minutes twice per day.  After 2 days of treatment, patients experienced a reduction in pain. Those patients who suffered from acute diseases – pneumonia – for instance and could only deal with the pain with painkillers, reported great results even leaving painkillers after 4-5 days of laser treatment.