Ízületi gyulladás, porc és csigolyakopás

Arthritis, Osteoarthritis and Vertabra wear

Dear Mr. Tamás Rózsa,

I bought a Safe Laser 500 device from you a few days ago. I should like to divide my experience of the device with you.
I have unbearable pain because of different arthritis, osteoarthritis and vertebra wear. The diagnosis is lumbago, sciatica and lumbar spine.

Recently, before the series of spine surgeries, hip replacement was envisaged, Of course I would not like it.

Fortunately I found at the internet Safe Laser 500 distributed by you and I bought it.
At my greatest surprise permanent great pains have stopped after the first two treatments as well as the calf spasms at nights. After the third-fourth treatment I could work a whole day without pain (that was impossible for 4 years). Until the treatment I was not able to lift my leg up to the threshold and to put on my slippers without clinging, and now I can do it and I can lift my knee to my waist.

I would not believe it if it did not happen to me. I know this is not an asymptomatic healing, much more treatments are needed, but it is a great result that my pains passed, and I can work all day without pain. I did not believe that such results could be achieved after a few treatments.
Thank you very much to return my vitality and belief in healing. I no longer trusted in it.
I wish you good health and much success in your work.

Best regards,
Mrs. Erlich Éva Szórádi