We are looking for Medical distributor partners!


Who we are: Safe Laser Medical Ltd is the exclusive distributor (in more EU countries) of the Hungarian exceptional invention: Safe Laser. Our products can be used within the Medical area as well as the Public sector as a take home device.

There has been several clinical research and experiment in the past 50 years which confirmed the beneficial effects of soft laser treatments.

Main Treatable diseases: Musculoskeletal disorders, Injuries – Sport injuries, Skin problems, Ear complaints, Cosmetic problems, Dental problems, Veterinary.

How does it work: the cells and tissues, lit by soft laser light are able to heal / regenerate faster (e.g. accelerated wound healing) Laser light increases cell metabolism, even new cells, tissues and capillaries are formed. 

Safe Laser technology: All Safe Laser devices have this unique laser light source, which emits polarized, coherent and monochromatic light (like other lasers), but its light does not exhibit parallel rays and cannot be focused optically into a very bright light spot in contrast to the conventional lasers. 

Currently there are several ongoing medical research within the following areas: glaucoma, Makuladegeneration, Alcheimer, Skin, Cosmetics.

Our products: Safe Laser is more advanced than any other laser available today. It has Medical EU certificate. It is an excellent device for individual users and medical practitioners too. With this uniqe tool you have the opportunity to take it home and use it whenever, wherever you are.  Imagine a life, free from pain and discomfort. Imagine healing faster than ever before.

We are looking for business partners: Distributors who has Medical distribution network or doctor visitors in any EU countries.

We can provide:

Exclusive rights on Safe Laser product distribution in that country

Safe Laser domain and Logo usage

Marketing materials

Support, training

Contact us: Safe Laser Medical Ltd