Safe Laser Medical Ltd is the exclusive distributor (in more EU countries) of the Hungarian exceptional invention: Safe Laser. Our products can be used within the Medical area as well as the Public sector as a take home device.

„The time has come for doctors to finally place the cure into patients’ hands.”
(Dr. Lajos Gaspar – Candidate of medical sciences, University docent)

Safe Laser is more advanced than any other laser available today. It is an excellent device for individual users and medical practitioners too. With this uniqe tool you have the opportunity to take it home and use it whenever, wherever you are.  Imagine a life, free from pain and discomfort. Imagine healing faster than ever before!

Our mission is to spread this easy-to-use advanced healing device among everyone who needs it around the world.

Be relieved and Cure with Safe Laser!

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Safe Laser product manufacturer, our partner company, puts great emphasis on Research and Developments which results several patents within optics, lasers and light therapies. They work in cooperation with significant medical professionals, universities, hospitals in order to create most sufficient devices